"I feel like I just hibernated…do I even know anyone anymore…”

but first lemme take a selfie


Wow ouch talk about hella rude, Sigma. He whines a bit, both hands flying up to pat the sore spot, then lowers one so he has space to talk. “Your bullying tendencies are going lukewarm on me, aren’t they?” Cue a wink here because you’re not getting away until he’s done being a little shit to you.


"And didn’t you hear? I did leave the city,” he says, prodding Sigma’s side with the toe of his shoe. “Only for a while though, before promptly getting sucked back into home away from home. Don’t tell me you thought I was just sitting in my room for two whole months!”

"Would you like me to re-break your nose? I won’t fix it this time either. Gotta go to some other certified doctor.” He raised his other hand in a fist, eyebrow arching to see if Joshua would agree or not. Really he was down to punch him in the face if he wanted.

"Wait, what?" Whacking the other’s foot away, he looked utterly confused. He was positive it was pretty damn impossible to leave this city—and usually if you did, you wouldn’t come back, or a different you would. "Dude what the fuck how the hell did you manage to leave the city!? And yes actually, I did think you just sat in your room for two months.”

Forgive and Try to Forget || closed; sigmeowklim


He felt responsible, even if he had gotten Radical-6 from Sigma and had killed himself in front of Sigma. But he felt this was, in a way, different. He just felt guilty and distant. If he could just give Sigma something nice, like this day, he was sure they’d both feel better.


"Sigma… in five more minutes the pancakes might get cold, so wake up."

"Pancakes…what…?" Sitting up, he rubbed his eyes, trying to force himself awake and to look confused over at his boyfriend. Blinking a bit, he kinda squinted, still not up to waking up yet.

"Why the fuck did you make pancakes? It’s the middle of the week, not even the weekend…"

Yawning a bit, he scratched the back of his head, shifting to get up. Whatever, if Hinata wanted him awake he was awake. He really didn’t want to be but he was awake. “Fine I’m up just pull me to the kitchen.”

Forgive and Try to Forget || closed; sigmeowklim


He really owed Sigma for putting up with him and even still wanting to be around him after what the scientists had him do. He was disgusted with himself that he’d actually done it as well, but he was worried about what would happen if he hadn’t listened. Maybe he’d been selfish, he probably had been. Protecting himself over the one thing he had worth protecting was despicable.

He had to make it up to Sigma somehow. It was the least he could do for Sigma who not only forgave him for what he did but also continued to love him.

Really, he was going to do whatever he could.


Peeking into their bedroom, he sighed in relief that Sigma hadn’t woken up yet before sliding in and gently setting his tray of Sigma’s breakfast in bed down on the nightstand and shaking Sigma gently to wake him up.

Sigma felt Hinata didn’t owe him anything.

Sure the experience of being shot in the head by your fiance wasn’t exactly pleasant, or ideal, or even anything positive AT ALL, but neither was getting a viral infection that caused you to commit suicide, and receiving said infection from your fiance. So really, he felt as if they were already even. Both were forced to end the other’s life one way or another.

Regardless, he didn’t want nor need Hinata to do anything to make it up for him. When the other started shaking him to wake up, he simply scrunched up his face and flipped over, whining lightly.

"Mmmn….five more minutes…"

but first lemme take a selfie


Please, you ask for peace whenever Joshua’s not around, hopping up with an arm flailed. Peace, then, is nonexistent and the Composer too short in his human body— hey, the more you know.

But that’s why he can levitate again, willing his feet off the ground high enough to level his sight to Sigma’s. He’s got that cheeky grin on his face, you know the one, when he has something on his mind. Or had, since he’d gotten what he came for already. "The married life is doing you well, Sigma. I’d expected you to snap my phone without even granting me a single picture. Good job, Hinata, I applaud you wherever you are." Cue the dignified hands clapped. 


"What, I can’t bother my favorite person in the whooole city for no doggone reason anymore?” Just give him back his phone so he can put it on… Hive CityGram or something!

"We’re not married yet. Maybe I’ve just grown soft." Rolling his eyes he shoved the phone in his pocket, flicking Joshua’s nose since he’d been so kind as to come up to his height. Really this levitating thing was becoming more useful than annoying. Talk about backfiring on Joshua’s end.

"The day I believe I’m your favourite person here is the day when we’re able to leave this city. Also you aren’t getting this phone back.” He’d give it back. Eventually. Maybe. One day.



"Well, that certainly is the surprise of the evening, isn’t it? How long has it been since I’ve been here?" Well, he’s got some of his own stuff back from before, including the smartphone. One quick swipe to its surface and… "Three months? Oh boy. I guess a warden’s work is never done. And stalking?! Holy moly!"


"Yeah, you really were gone a long time. Like I said, a lot has happened. But now that you’re back we can catch you up. Slowly. Thankfully I don’t live with you anymore."

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Based off my blog, what other characters could you see me Roleplay as?

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he’s gross and perverted but as u can see i cut out the worst of it

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neither we are both literal children (that can be serious and mature when needed it’s actually tied tbh)