virtueoftrust sent:
yolo ♪♯ ♫ ✉☑♚

♪ for the song our muses will have sex to.

Blue Birds Lamentation (i’m not even sorry)

♯ for what my muse finds attractive about yours.

“Uh, well, Luna’s really pretty over all, but…I really like her hair. It’s a nice reddish-peach colour.”

Send me a ♫ for what my muse thinks of yours.

“Luna’s real sweet and kind—kind of like the ideal mother I guess. But she genuinely cares about everyone which is real nice.”

Send me a ✉ for a kiss.

A…kiss. Okay well that was easy. He leaned down and pecked Luna on the cheek. Simple.

Send me a ♚ for a hug.

Now she wanted a hug? Why? Because later on in his life he was Dr. Klim and she felt something towards him? Either way a hug was pretty simple. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a light squeeze.

Send me a ☑ for a one night stand drabble.

What had just happened. Everything seemed to be a blur—but here he was laying next to a sleeping Luna. Everything that had lead up to where they were currently…it was surreal almost. He was all for a one night stand, no question it was just how he rolled, but to think it would have happened with Luna was…strange in a way.

But it had happened and Luna was sleeping peacefully next to him to confirm it. Reaching over to brush her hair out of the way, he leaned in the kiss her forehead, scooping her into a hug before falling asleep as well.